Wizard's Environmental Control for Incubators

It is only logical that a computer would be best suited to maintain critical environments in small spaces. The Wizard's Environmental Control System uses today's technology with tomorrow's ideas.

Simple to use programming allows experienced and non-experienced computer advocates to start, setup, and maintain any incubator environment. Control of temperature, relative humidity and even the rocking of eggs can be easily mastered. for example, temperature may be set and maintained at a constant . Setting of temperature is almost as easy as setting the temperature in your home. relative humicity and rocking or eggs is just as simple.

Three Control Choices:

Temp/RH Hold temperature or humidity at a constant
Timer Turns devices on and off each minute, or holds constant.
Schedule For advanced control of an environment. Allows for change of temperature, rh, and timing throughout the day and throughout the year. This down-to-the-minute control provides the flexibility to accurately emulate nature.

Accuracy:Our system provides accuracy of temperature within one degree. Our relative humidity is accurate to within three percent.

Mixing and matching parts allows custom fit to your wants, not just to your needs. Main units, 'supporting' units, modems, and even X-10 wireless receivers have plug in simplicity. Plug in a main unit to read temp/RH. Adding a 'supporting' unit provides two additional switched outlets for control of heat and humidity. Adding a modem will provide paging for pre-set warning limits and the ability to call the compute from any phone to receive the current temperature and RH. An X-10 wireless receiver can be used to control several related functions including room and outside lighting.

Ease of part replacement.We use only the finest parts in our controllers, but if a module ever needs to be replaced, simply unplug the old one and plug in a new one.

Wizard Computer Services, Inc. has been designing computer controlled equipment for over twelve years. When we decided to develop a system to control incubators, it was a natural. We used our system for this past egg laying season, and our incredible hatch rate has to be considered more than just luck.

It is only common sense that in the wild, the eggs do not maintain a constant temperature. At night when the rooster is sitting on the eggs, its temperature is cooler than that of the hen. You must also consider what happens when the hen gets off the eggs to drink, or just walk around each day.

With our system, you will truly be able to emulate nature, thereby producing stronger chicks!


Incubator Models
CS 145 I - 150 Egg Capacity $7,900.00
CS 125 I - 125 Egg Capacity 6,800.00
CS 75 I - 75 Egg Capacity 5,500.00
CS 50 I - 50 Egg Capacity 4,900.00
Hatch Models
CS 36 H - 36 Chick Capacity $7,400.00
CS 27 H - 27 Chick Capacity 5,000.00
CS 18 H - 18 Chick Capacity 4,400.00
Larger models and complete rooms available.
Air Circulation System
* H.E.P.A. filter purifies all incoming and recycled air.

* One 265 V.G.M.M. external blower fan.

* Multiple 100 C.F.M. internal fans.

* Adjustable air exchange, up to 45 per hour.

Computer controls

* One central computer system capable of controlling six units, individually.

* Programmable cycles for simulated nature hatching or constant temperatures.

* Automatic page call out alarm with current status information.

Temperature sensors are accurate to within one degree.

* Relative humidity sensors maintain plus or minus 3%

* Optional dehumidifier

Physical Advantages

* Individual 5 and 6 egg trays that are easily accessed.

* Adjustable egg turner frequency.

* Brushed aluminum metal for light weight and non-rust applications.

* Large insulated tempered glass window.

* Two inch insulated panels with USDA approved glass board, provides easy cleanup and lower energy costs.

* Racks Roll in and out effortlessly.


* 120 Volts, 20 amp circuit per unit

* Water - 40 - 120 PSI

* Drain required for dehumidifier.

* Room ventilation 5-8 air turns per hour at 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (20% fresh air.


* Incubator/Heather unit dimensions:

Depth all sizes 52"

Width all sizes 48"

Height CS 50 I/CS 18 H - 53"

_____ CS 75 I/CS 27 H - 63"

_____ CS 125-145 I/CS 36 H - 87"

* Environmental Control Dimensions:

Depth - 15 1/2"

Width - 36"

Height - 41"

* Exhaust port. 4-1/4"ID 4-1/2"OD.

Direct hook-up recommended.


* 2-Years on computer/software & parts.

* 90 days, labor.

* 24 Hour Customer Support Available.

Computer Controllers

Following prices to be used with existing incubators and/or hatchers Please call us for compatibility.

"Base System" form one (1) incubator or hatcher......................$1,020.00 (includes - heat and humidity control)
Add to "base system" for second incubator or hatcher..............435.00
Add to Paging (includes modem)..............................................65.00
Computer Requirements: IBM type computer with hard drive, 2meg RAM, 1.44 3-1/2" floppy drive, keyboard & monitor
Computer System purchased with "base system".....................$750.00
Dot - matrix printer with cables..............................................190.00(only required if producing reports)



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