Q: Main Products? A: Meat, Leather, Feathers.
Q: Climate? A: Highly adaptable. Presently being raised in almost every state in U.S. and much of Canada and Mexico.
Q: Growth Rate? A: May average approximately 10" a month for first six months.
Q: Slaughter age/Meat yeild? A: 12 to 14 months of age / 80-100 lbs. per bird.
Q: Infertile eggs? A: Used for decorations.
Q: What is Ratite? A: Ratite is a family of birds which have no keel and cannot fly. Ostriches, emus, rheas, kiwis, and cassowaries are members.
Q: Average size and weight of an ostrich? A: 7' to 8' tall; 250 to 350 pounds.
Q: Longevity? A: Can live up to 80 years
Q: Reach adulthood? A: Male 2-1/2+ years of age.
Q: Feed? A: A "ratite" feed available from many manufactures.
Q: Annual egg production? A: Most average 30 to 50 eggs, some more than 100.



Breed at 2 years old. Breed at 2 years old.
1 Offspring per year. 40-80 Eggs per year.
9 Month Gestation. 40-50 day Gestation.
5-1 Feed Conversion. 2-1 Feed Conversion.
7 Acres per Head. 1/4 Acre per Pair.
Slaughter Age 1 Year. Slaughter Age 1 Year.
Meat & Hide. Meat/Hide/Feathers.
Breed for 10 Years. Breed for 40 Years.

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